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Make real the ideas of the ones that think in big.


Océanos Consulting and Projects (OCP) performs specialized Consulting in diverse areas; Creates, execute, controls and evaluates projects in specific sectors, conducts International Trade in diverse products and services; providing a conglomerates, Companies and Particular, results of high reliability, as a result of the excellent quality, high standard service, and suitable price. In OCP obeys international and national laws; empowering, the achievement of the final objective of the client; due to our efficient organizational structure, management process, extraordinary consulting and human resource staff with broad technical experience and high level.

To be a rentable and prestige company. A leader on consulting, Projects, Trade y Oilfield Services. With high corporative management, which works as a bridge to financial success on investments and business in general of our clients, applying the most advanced high management process.



Based on the great book “THE ART OF THE WAR” by the wise SUN TZU

Océanos     Consulting & Projects

It`s governed by fifteen Principles which are a result of an analysis of an adaptation from the work of this ancient strategist, which have an extraordinary validity for the company.  

1.-  The planning is the fundamental base for success.

2.- At the moment of planning take in consideration proven data, not supposed. 

3.- The plan should be flexible, in order to adapt to any change produced by risk and uncertainty.

4.- The directive of the company must know and update constantly in all the areas that enhance strength and advantage in the objective of the company.

6.- Acting in a proactive way, getting ahead of any occurrence and acting towards the others.

7.- Putting ahead the preception in order to act with the audacity to reach the objective. 

8.- The valid information is vital. A big effort must be made to reach the information.

9.- Keep an alternative plan and resources for an anticipated change that may occur. 

10.- Make a big effort in the research and studies in order not to be mistaken in the market we could get ourselves into. 

11.- Use the members and the company dependencies in the more logic and suitable functions.

12.- Keep a constant and exact Communication, in order to make clear the objectives to all the members, under one approach. 

13.- Acknowledge the positive results in each member, indistinctly of the level they are. 

14.- Always require ourselves more than what we are giving, having new challenges; if our progress in the principal objective allow us.

15.- The company requires to do what is beneficial for it; not what desire members want to do in particular.

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