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We offer innovative methods of intervention of wells with continuous flexible pipe that provide real solutions to achieve the optimization of oil and gas production, through the control, operation, automation and improvement in technological systems characteristic for each client.













This extraordinary technique of well intervention has managed to occupy a solid place in mainstream operations. The term flexible tubing describes the continuous sections of small diameter steel tubing.


Modern CT equipment and techniques present numerous advantages with respect to drilling and repair units and conventional pressurized tubing units.


Applications with continuous pipe:


  • Cleaning and removal of fillings.

  • Evaluation of wells and inductions without nitrogen.

  • Chemical cleaning

  • Induction with nitrogen.

  • Cleaning with nitríficados fluids.

  • Reactive stimulations (Acids).

  • Non-reactive stimulations (Solvents and surfactants).

  • Cementation (Plugs and Forces).

  • Installation of speed strings.

  • Cleaning with High Impact Jet (High Pressure).

  • Drilling / milling application.

  • Fish

  • Download completions with CT.

  • Pressure and temperature records in memory mode.

  • Well cannoning

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