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We have highly qualified teams and professionals for the execution of projects in the area of ​​civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation and control, ensuring the execution and completion of projects within the scope, quality, time and costs required by our customers.

Mechanical Works contemplate:

  • Prefabrication and installation of spools

  • Construction of oil and gas pipelines

  • Installation of static equipment

  • Installation and maintenance of rotating equipment

  • Sand blasting and painting

  • Thermal isolation

  • Civil works

  • Construction of prefabricated works

  • Construction of buildings

  • Pipe racks

  • Metallic structures

  • Fire proofing

  • Electricity Works

  • Installation of CCM

  • Installation of frequency inverters

  • Construction of sub stations

  • Airlines 1 terna and double terna in low, medium and high voltage

  • Instrumentation Works

  • Automation works

  • Calibration and installation of instruments

  • Installation of communication systems

  • PLC installation

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