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The cleaning of tanks is one of the services we offer that is part of preventive maintenance and contributes significantly to obtaining benefits in the operation of our customers. Internal cleaning of tanks, grease traps, tanks and tanks with biodegradable degreasers.












We carry out the work under safety regulations and other safe environmental regulations. Our service extends to the internal and external coating of paint and repair, maintenance.

The cleaning of tanks for fuels and lubricants is done through a fluid re-circulation system that meets specifications of the latest technology, which enters the fluid used for cleaning the tank through a high pressure system that guarantees the arrival of the product to the entire internal area of the tank. The equipment includes a purification system that effects:


  1. Mesh filtration for large particles.

  2. Dehydration of the fluid used for cleaning.

  3. Filtration of particles to 10 microns of the fluid used for cleaning

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