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We offer solutions for the oil industry, specifically in the well service activities generally carried out to maintain or improve your productivity. Our partners have extensive experience in drilling, early lifting, repair and solutions associated with the well and its improvement.


Our Services in this area are mainly focused on:



  • Shallow drilling with low draft barge where the weight of the string, surface gas and topographic conditions in the area limit the acceptable solutions.

  • The Casing while drilling, which has been identified as the ideal solution and an alternative to drilling with Coil tubing.

  • Supply of drill wicks, hammers, stabilizers, re-entry systems.

  • Oil fishing, casing run and completion with CRT • CRT Casing Running Tool




We currently work with the different operators of PDVSA, specifically with the Mixed Companies (PetroMonagas (PDVSA-Rosneft) PetroCedeño (PDVSA - Statoil), PetroPiar (PDVSA - Chevron), PetroDelta (PDVSA - Cisneros).

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